We often get calls or emails asking for help with a Watermaid cell that doesn’t seem to be working.  There are a few quick things that you can do to try and get things working before you spend money on parts or a service call from your pool professional.

If you start the Watermaid unit up and you only get a flashing yellow light, please check the following

1/ unplug the brass plug at the top of the cell.  Clean the brass pin with emery cloth or fine sandpaper.  Clean the socket that the brass plug goes into as well.
2.Lubricate the brass pin with dielectric grease.  You can get it at any automotive place.  It is used on car battery terminals
3/ follow the grey cable to the bottom of the power supply box that hangs on the wall.  Remove the single screw in the little black plastic cover that goes over the grey wire at the box.  Check the brass screws for corrosion and make sure that they are tight.
These 3 steps fix 90% of the problems with the cell.


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    Paulo Ferreira

    03 06 2018

    Hi Guys. I bought a replacement cell for 300 watermaid last year
    When I started the system this year , the water doesn’t go all the way up the tub (less then half way) The pressure is good
    What should I do?
    Also. Can I buy the bottom attachment
    The threads are gone

    Thank you
    Paulo Ferreira

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      06 06 2018

      Hi Paulo

      I wrote another Blog post on the problem that you are seeing. It is here https://www.watermaid.ca/blog/ the post is titled “Watermaid Chlorinator With A Yellow Flashing Light” It should fix your problem. Yes you can purchase a new venturi assembly on our web store

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    Kanak Chopra

    04 07 2018

    the panel’s yellow light is not flashing. the water goes to the top of the cell. The pools’ chlorine level is fine and pH is less than 6.5.
    what is the problem.
    where is watermaid distributor in Oakville, Ontario, looks like the office in Mississauga has closed.

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      05 07 2018

      From what you are telling me, nothing is wrong other than the pH is low. That has nothing to do with the chlorinator. There are a couple of pool companies that serve the Oakville area. Try Pool Service Canada
      Thornhill ON Email: samuel@poolservicecanada.ca
      Phone: 647.385.9173. Youou are correct, the office in Mississauga has moved to Tottenham.


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    Jonathon J Morris

    09 07 2018

    Our watermaid has a flashing red light. What is the problem and how can it be resolved?

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      12 07 2018

      If you have a red flashing light, here is how to identify the cause.

      Red Flashing Light.  Look at the cell.  Is the water filling the cell completely or is it down in the cell an inch or more.  If this is the case,
      1/ Did you clean the cell and forget to replace the venturi in the T-Piece.  Sometimes the venturi sticks to the bottom of the cathode when the cell is removed or dis-assembled.  A lot of times people pull this piece off and set it on the heater or a shelf in the pool shed and forget to put it back in when they put everything back together.  It is a small tube about 6 inches long .  It has to be in the T=Piece or the water wont get to the top of the cell.  Find the venturi piece and reinstall it.  This will cause a red flashing light if not installed.

      2/ Is your pool skimmer or pump basket full of leaves or debris.  If the water flow is restricted, it may not be sufficient to keep up with production and will cause this fault.  Clean out your pump or pool skimmer baskets

      3/ Is your filter plugged. We see this mostly in the spring when people vacuum their pool and don’t set the filter to waste. It plugs the filter restricting water flow causing this problem. Do a really good backwash on your filter to clear this debris. This should clear the red flashing light.

      1/ Is the cell full of calcium deposits. If so clean the cell

      2/ Is the gas sensing tang (the little bent up piece of metal in the cell) covered with deposits. simply scrape this part clean.

      3/Follow the grey cell wire to the bottom of the power supply which is the box that hangs on the wall.

      The grey wire goes under a black plastic cap which covers three brass terminals. Remove the single screw in the cap and remove it. We are only interested in the centre (white) wire for this fault but this is a good time to check all of the connections.

      the cell cable and the centre white wire that goes all the way to the gas sensing tang in the cell. Make sure that there isn’t any corrosion in this area and that the brass screws are tight the screws are pressing down on the metal at the end of the wire not the insulation. Use a common (flat) screwdriver to tighten the screws. They are brass and strip easily.

      If you find corrosion,(like an old battery terminal) clean it off. This is the cause of your Red Flashing Light. You can shorten the cell wire if needed. If you need to shorten the wire, you can crimp a terminal on the stripped wires or simply tin the wire with a bit of solder to make the connection better.

      If there is no corrosion or loose wires, the problem is inside the box. This will require service by Watermaid to fix the fault.

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    Paul Mackrell

    16 07 2018

    my watermaid system in 8 years old. it does not seem to be producing chlorine anymore. there is rust staining from the wire which leads to the side of the salt cell tube. I suspect that the cell needs replacing. As I said, it is 8 years old. is replacement a tricky thing to do, what cell should I replace it with? it seems straight forward but I want to do it right. is there a parts distributor in Durham region, Ontario? I am in Whitby.

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      16 07 2018

      First of all make sure that the salt level in the pool is at 6000 parts per million and that the cell connections are all clean and tight. If you need a new cell, you can order the cell directly from our web store. The installation is easy. There is only one cell that was used for residential chlorinators in Canada. It is Watermaid EZY 300 cell.

      The link to the web store is here. https://www.watermaid.ca/product/watermaid-ezy-300-cell/

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