Watermaid Chlorinator with a yellow flashing light

amber light, flashing, flashing yellow light

Watermaid Chlorinator with a yellow flashing light.

Every year we have a few people report to us that they have a Watermaid Chlorinator with a yellow flashing light.  They may also report that the cell doesn’t fill to the top when the pump is running.  In almost all cases this is caused by not having the venturi vane in place.  This is the smaller tube that goes inside of the venturi assembly.  The venturi assembly is the part below the cell that has the big barrel nut.  The cell threads onto this piece.  If you remove the cell and look down into the venturi you will see the Venturi Vane inside of the T piece.  This piece is what crates the vacuum that pulls water up into the cell.  If it is missing, water pressure will only partially fill the cell.  When the cell doesn’t fill, The unit thinks that it is building up hydrogen and shuts down the cell.  When it does this, it turns on the yellow flashing light to alert the home owner or pool service technician that there is a problem.  When people call me I usually tell them to check on top of their heater for a piece that is about 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.  This is the venturi vane.  A lot of times when you pull the centre tube (the cell cathode) for cleaning, the venturi vane sticks to the bottom of the cathode.  People tend to pull it off, set it on the heater (or some other convenient resting place) clean the cell and then forget to put it back in.  I have circled the venturi vane (labeled Ventri) in the exploded view below.  Without the venturi vane in place, the cell cannot fill.  When it doesn’t fill to the top, there will be an amber or yellow flashing light on the front of the Watermaid power supply.

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Watermaid Chlorinator with a yellow flashing light.

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