Choosing the right Pool Cleaner

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This will be the last post in this series (I think).  I hope that these posts have helped you in choosing the right pool cleaner for your needs.

Aquabot viva remote control pool cleaning robot
Choosing the right automatic Pool Cleaner. Is a remote control model what you are looking for?

Steering the robot is done a few different ways.  Some machines simply turn at pre determined times to get the machine to cover the pool.  Others have a remote control to make cleaning more precise.  Most remote control units have two drive motors, one on each side of the machine dedicated to the drive train on that side.  They drive like a little bull dozer where you turn both tracks or wheels to go straight and then drive only one side to make it turn.  The addition of  another drive motor increases the cost of the machine and it increases the potential repair costs down the road.  If you get a remote control model, make sure that the additional cost is justified.  Another method of steering the robot with a remote control uses a float.  To turn the machine, a button on the remote control is pushed which shuts down the pump.  Remember the pump sucks the machine onto the bottom of the pool to give it traction.  On this particular model of robot, the power cord is routed along the side of the machine with a float about 2 feet above the machine.  When the remote shuts down the pump, the float will lift one side of the robot.  The drive train is still moving so the robot will skid around until the button on the remote is released and the pump starts.  This will pull both tracks of the robot back down onto the bottom of the pool and the robot will move in a straight line again.  It is a little clunky but it works and the good thing is you don’t need two drive motors.