Why Fiberglass

Why Fiberglass?

1) Fiberglass is the material that has modernized swimming pool renovation. It is the ideal way to contain water. This material is well known for its durability, and unlimited application possibilities. It can be used virtually anywhere that water containment is required.

2) Fiberglass is inert, waterproof, and corrosion resistant. Years of field experience demonstrate that the fiberglass can dramatically reduce construction, or renovation cost, limit maintenance, and extend the life of a swimming pool, or aquatic facility.

3) Fiberglass acts as a pool shell that seals, protects, and waterproofs.

4) Fiberglass, is a corrosion resistant, highly durable material that results in considerably lower maintenance costs, as well as significant overall reduction in pool care.Calgary During 35) Fiberglass provides superior strength, far beyond that conventional plaster, coatings or vinyl liners … it outlasts them all. This surface is relatively immune to the damaging effects of pool water. Furthermore, the nonporous surface inhibits algae penetration, and minimizes staining.

6) Fiberglass resurfacing greatly reduces the time and effort, of maintaining any pool or aquatic facility.

7) Fiberglass is not a new material. GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) products have been used in the construction, corrosion, and marine industries for many decades.

8) Fiberglass is widely used for corrosion control in harsh chemical environments. GRP composites are totally engineered materials. The physical, mechanical, electrical, chemical and corrosion resistant characteristics of these composites can be adjusted to suite a particular application.

9) FRP has the advantage of corrosion resistance, high strength – to – weight ratio, low maintenance, and a longer life cycle, as compared to  traditional materials such as concrete, and other entrenched materials.Calgary After 3

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