Pool Robot Repair Centre in Canada FOR COMMERCIAL ROBOTS ONLY.

Welcome to the Watermaid National Pool Robot Repair Centre.  At this time we are only servicing Commercial pool cleaner.  If you are a home owner, please contact the manufacturer for the closest repair facility.


Watermaid is the authorized service center for all COMMERCIAL pool vacuum cleaners in Canada! We provide sales service and manufacturer approved warranty repair on all COMMERCIAL pool vacuums.

Pool Cleaner Repair

We offer repair service from simple tune ups to full robot rebuilds.  Bring us your tired, broken and sad robots and we will bring them back to life again.

Commercial Pool ChlorinationEver wonder how the resort you stayed at kept it’s pool so clean?  They probably used a robot supplied and serviced by us!  Our customers include some of the largest hotels, spas, resorts, and municipalities in Canada and the US.