Water and Wastewater Treatment

There are a number of complex issues that we are faced with today.  Watermaid sees the treatment and rehabilitation of water, waste water and sewage as a challenge that is, and will, impact the planet and its ecosystems.  We have staff and facilities in place that are on the leading edge of treatment and reclamation processes that will directly address these problems.

Our people and processes are recognised by the scientific community as the best in the world.  We are prepared to take on simple projects that have “off  the shelf “solutions as well as extremely complex problems that require tailored solutions, lab testing and project scaling to resolve.  The Watermaid team has people and knowledge to deal with the following environmental  issues.

water 5

  • Decontamination of industrial wastewater:

  • a. metals (chromium, nickel, magnesium, zinc etc)

  • b. organics (dyes, pharmaceuticals, etc)
  • c. inorganics (ammonia, nitrate, sulfide etc)
  • d. containment of acidity (mainly sulfuric acid).
  • Purification of wastewater from food processing:

  • a. sugar mills
  • b. distilleries, breweries
  • c. slaughterhouses.
  • Disinfection of sewage.

  • Removal of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides from lakes and ground water in view of reuse as irrigation water.
  • Purification and disinfection of water from livestock operations:

  • cattle,animal-overview-front-cover-cleaned
  • chicken,
  • hogs,
  • fish,
  • shrimp.




Process Water Treatment

Removal of FOG (fat, oil and grease),total petroleum hydrocarbons, suspended solids and heavy metals from wastewater/process water (mechanical shops, construction, mining).

  • Desalination

    Desalination of sea water or mixtures.

  • Electrochemical mineralization of organics;

  • ex. pharmaceuticals, dyes, phenols, explosives etc
  • Electrochemical remediation of inorganics;

    ex. ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, cyanide, sulphide

  • Recovery of metalswater 6

    electrochemical and chemical methods; ex. everything worth recovering (copper, nickel, zinc, lead etc)




  • Water Treatment

    Electrochemical disinfection and purification of treatment water(ex. cooling towers, hydroponics)