Waste Water Tank Treatment

The TankPro TP250ww Water Water Treatment unit is designed for Aerated Waste Water Treatment Systems. (AWTS). The TankPro unit produces 100% available chlorine, onsite and directly within the disinfection chamber / treatment tank of the AWTS, treating all effluent before it is discharged to the environment.

Advantages / Benefits:

  • Rain Catch System

    The TankPro TP250ww Unit Sterilizes stored waste water, directly within the disinfection tank of the AWTS, killing all harmful bacteria & viruses, before it is discharged to the environment whilst eliminating odorous & foul smell.

    Simple to Install – No installation of pipework or fittings

  • Compact, Durable & Lightweight

  • Produces 100% available chlorine directly within the treatment tank

  • Requires no added chemicals to operate

  • Economical to run. <60 watts Power Consumption

  • Operates on a Safe, Low DC Voltage. (TankPro Cell)

  • Can operate directly from a solar panel


  • Does not add harmful chlorine by-products to the environment

  • No purchasing or replacing of dangerous chlorine chemicals

  • No Storage or Handling of dangerous chlorine chemicals

  • Long Service Life

  • Simple to operate & maintain

  • Eco-Friendly to the Environment