TankPro Stored and Collected Water Treatment

Stored and Collected Water Sanitation

The TankPro water sterilizing unit has been developed to provide assistance for the Eco-Friendly reuse of stored & collected water.

The TankPro sterilizing unit is an environmentally friendly product that will maintain any body of water, in rain water & grey water collection tanks, water troughs, cooling tower basins, ponds even small containers of water in a clean sterile environment, free from the buildup of harmful micro-organisms, bacteria & viruses.

TankPro is a stand alone product that sterilizes stored & collected water and maintains the stored & collected water in a sterile condition, without the use or addition of dangerous chlorine chemicals or biocides to the stored water system.

The TankPro water sterilizing unit safely electrolyzes the stored water. As this happens, 100% available chlorine is produced from naturally occurring mineral deposits found directly within the stored water.