Spray on Fibreglass Coating

Watermaid AQUASHELL fibreglass spray coating was created specifically to fill the need created by the shortcomings of conventional “old” technologies.  While tile and paint have been adopted by some, most concrete pools in Canada are refurbished and re-coated with plaster.  This porous, brittle product is prone to cracking and dulling over time, and its properties are such that it interacts with the pool water often leading to significant ongoing challenges in maintaining consistent water chemistry.

At Watermaid we recognize that whether you own a residential pool or operate a commercial pool, downtime impacts you. Whether your family and friends are inconvenienced by the pool being refurbished, or your are losing revenue and customers because your pool is closed, downtime is a factor that we work hard to minimize.

This begins with the quality of the installation staff. Each member of the installation team completes a rigorous training and certification program designed by Watermaid and its industry partners. From there each team member apprentices with a fully qualified crew before being given full responsibilities.

Trained, quality team members are one part of the equation. The second is Process. With over 30 years experience in the commercial pool industry, Watermaid understands the “ins and outs” of getting projects done in commercial environments quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of impact to your business or home. Our 5-step process is as follows:

On-site discovery prior to quoting. One of our senior project managers will always visit your site and discuss your needs before preparing a quote.

Scheduling. We schedule our crews so that the project begins when we have committed to you, and ends on time. This may seem trivial however the industry is fraught with less ethical folks who might keep you waiting weeks, or worse, start your job then disappear to another and leave you hanging.

Preparation. We usually require two days to prep the pool, including emptying the pool, tarp-ing the surrounding surfaces, venting the room (if indoors) and preparing the surface of the pool for AQUASHELL application.

Application. We will usually require three days to complete the various stages of AQUASHELL application. The complexity and size of your pool will determine the exact time requirement. During this time the pool area must be completely off-limits to everyone but our team.

Curing. AQUASHELL cures in just 24 hours. That’s all.

Clean-up. We are very particular about cleanup. We remove every scrap of material, dust, tarp and waste, and present you with your gleaming new AQUASHELL pool.
Refill and Open. This is your part. Fill the pool up and start using it immediately if you wish. there’s no scrubbing or additional curing process needed. You’re good to go.

A typical 20 x 40 commercial indoor pool will take us between 10 and 14 days to complete depending on its complexity.

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