Silensor Water Cooled Pool Pump

With Pool Pumps,Silence IS Golden!  

3 year warranty!!

The Silensor pool pump is Ideal for these applications:

  • Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Spa Jet Operation
  • Solar Heating
  • Water Features

Pool Pump Water cooled and Super Quiet

  • SILENSOR range of pool pumps ensure strong performance and super-quiet operation, with Dry Run Protection and high efficiency.
  • Davey SILENSOR has a Super Quiet Design Typically Below 55 dB
  • The water-cooled motor captures noise and vibrations allowing the Davey Silensor’s Super quiet operation.  The heat captured through this process is delivered to the pool not wasted.
  • Energy Saving – 15% more efficient than most standard pool pumps
  • Solid construction and superior quality control in manufacture ensure your new Davey Silensor will quietly go about its business day after day, year after year
  • Ideal for locations where quietness is a must, like backyard operations, close to your house or the neighbors
  • Low noise allows late night operation using off peak energy, saving you money
  • Seal protection system reduces wear on mechanical seal
  • ‘Dry run’ protection system avoids the major cause of premature pump failure.
  • Comes with 3 year warranty
  • comes with quick couplers for easy installation and future replacement
  • Fast and efficient shipping.

The ALL new Davey SILENSOR® range of pool pumps gives you strong pumping performance and super-quiet operation, with Dry Run Protection and high efficiency operation. 3 Year WarrantySuper Quiet – No noisy fan! Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation rated at 55 dB. Your neighbors won’t even know it’s there.Convenient – By water cooling the motor, Silensor does not require air ventilation and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning.  There is no wasted heat in the pool shed.  The water that cools the pump, helps to heat the pool.
Long Lasting
– With a 3 year warranty, Silensor is designed for long service life in an outdoor, poolside environment and replaces highly corrodable metal components with high performance, long-life plastics for low maintenance and dependable service – day after day, year after year.

– Silensor incorporates unique dry run protection to minimize pump damage if no water is available to the pump. It also includes a unique mechanical seal protection for long service life and reduced maintenance.

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