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Watermaid pool salt system

Pool Salt System Advantages

Watermaids pool salt system has many advantages over other forms of sanitation such as, chlorine pucks, liquid chlorine, ionisers, UV or ozone generators.

The Watermaid Pool salt system advantages

  • Drastically reduces the cost of purchasing chlorine chemicals and or sanitizing agents.
  • Produces “on-site chlorine” and is about 1/6 the cost of purchasing liquid or granular chlorine. (for the same chlorine amounts)
  • Replaces the laborious task of manually purchasing chlorine and adding it to the swimming pool every day.
  • Minimizes the risks involved in the handling and storing of dangerous chlorine chemicals – A blessing for families with young children.
  • No cold water shut down. The Watermaid unit can produce chlorine at any water temperature. No need to supplement chlorine and turn the system off in cold water conditions.
  • Easy, compact plumbing. With our exclusive venturi system, plumbing is easy and no flow switches need to be added.
  • Long life cells. Our cylindrical cell design provides longer life than typical plate chlorinators. When maintained properly cell life of 5 – 10 years is normal.

With the Watermaid salt water swimming pool system there is no need to alter any of the existing pool equipment. The Watermaid salt pool system can be installed with your new equipment (in the construction of the pool) or simply added afterwards.

The Watermaid System will take care of the chlorine your swimming pool, even when you are on Holidays!

Not new.  Watermaid has been around for over 45 years !

The Watermaid saltwater chlorination system does not add impurities to the swimming pool. All other forms of pool chlorination contain impurities which not only cause discomfort to swimmers but can also damage the pool!

Using the Watermaid salt water chlorination system and swimming in mild salt water is healthier and safer. – According to an Australian, State Health commission report “Childhood drownings in Sydney“: Salt water is safer than fresh water as…”Death occurs twice as fast in fresh water than in saltwater“.

What Causes Red Eyes and skin irritation?

With the Watermaid system because the salinity in the pool is almost equal to that which is in your eyes and the fact that chlorine is dispersed throughout the pool more evenly, you get relief for red eyes.

The Watermaid salt chlorination system reduces skin iritation. Around the world people swim in mild saline water for health benefits. In fact we as humans swam in a 9000 parts per million swimming pool for the first 9 months of our existence (moms tummy).  People who have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions are not affected by chlorine chemicals because the chlorine is dispersed by the Watermaid system more evenly and over a longer period of time.  Waste does not acumulate in a properly sized salt water pool because it is constantly being super chlorinated as the water flows through the cell.  This breaks down the pollutants in the pool water and they off gas.  The resulting water is crystal clear with no bleach smell usually associated with pool water.

The Watermaid system and swimming in mild saline water has been proven to be advantageous for asthmatics and allergy prone swimmers. With Watermaid there is no chlorine taste, smell, or feel.