There are often questions about the logic of the pool robots on the market.  There is a lot of mis-information about what is going on inside of these things and how they figure out where they should go to get a pool cleaned.  One of the best programs for doing this is the Aqua Smart system from Aquatron.  Below is the logic and sequencing of the Aquatron Remote control models such as the Blue Diamond and Viva.  The non remote units use a similar program but program switching using the remote is obviously not available


The unit has two programs.  The default program is 90 minutes long and the cleaning cycle will be spent on the pool bottom where the majority of debris settles.  When the Robotic Cleaner (R/C), (Plus) is first started, it will

climb the first wall it encounters to the water line.  It will then remain on the floor for the rest of the cleaning cycle unless a command is given by Remote Control.

The second program is initiated by pressing the Program button on the Remote Control.  The Robotic Cleaner (R/C), (Plus) will stop momentarily to acknowledge receipt of the command and allow the program to be set to the “Super Mode.”  The unit will climb the first wall it encounters.  Once it returns to the bottom if no other commands are given, it follows the same program as the standard Robotic Cleaner but the cleaning cycle has been changed to 3 hours.

As with the, Robotic Cleaner (R/C), (Plus) the first return to the bottom, starts a sequenced schedule in the Aqua Smart System that enables a Tilt Switch and resets the Event Counter to zero to prevent the unit from climbing to the waterline each time it makes contact with the wall. The enabled Tilt Switch allows the unit to reach a vertical position on the wall. When the unit is in a vertical position, the enabled switch passes a command signal to both drive motors to stop momentarily and then reverse direction.  This signal also sets the Event Counter to 1. The entire sequence is repeated a second time and the Event Counter is increased to 2.  The Aqua Smart System disables the Tilt Switch after the Blue Diamond Plus   reverses direction on the second wall the unit encountered and reached the vertical position.  The next wall encountered is the third in the Event Counter’s sequence.  The disabled Tilt Switch can’t pass a command signal to stop the unit and reverse direction so the Blue Diamond Plus climbs to the waterline, remains there approximately 10 seconds and reverses direction.  As it reaches the pool bottom the Event Counter is reset to zero and the sequence is started again.

This time the Aqua Smart System keeps the Tilt Switch enabled until the Event Counter reaches 6.  The Robotic Cleaner (R/C), (Plus) will reach the vertical position but not climb the next 6 walls it encounters.  On the seventh wall the Tilt Switch has been disabled, the unit climbs to the surface and scrubs for approximately 20 seconds before it reverses direction and heads to the pool bottom.

When it starts movement on the pool floor the Event Counter is reset to zero and the Tilt Switch is enabled.  The entire sequence is repeated throughout the cleaning cycle.  The unit will climb the third and seventh time it makes contact with the wall.

The Robotic Cleaner (R/C), (Plus) also incorporates the Beach Boy feature.  In a zero entry pool or when placed on a pool step by the customer, the unit may operate for a short time with the pump propeller out of water.  This condition causes an increase in propeller speed due to the decreased resistance it encounters.    The Aqua Smart System senses the high speed condition and initiates a timed sequence that allows the unit to continue for 10-12 seconds.  When the time limit has expired the unit reverses direction for 10-12 seconds in an attempt to return to deeper water.  If the propeller s

blue diamond

peed does not decrease because of the increased resistance water provides the Aqua Smart System interprets the condition as “Out of Water” and will shut the system off to prevent damage to the pump motor.  The condition can be corrected by submersing the unit, waiting five minutes for cooling and then restarting the power supply.  The same results will happen if the unit is run on the pool deck or the customer’s living room.

The Aqua Smart System schedules 90o turns on the pool bottom at specific times during the cycle.  The unit will stop. One motor will continue in the same direction of travel as before the turn began and the other will reverse direction.  The degree of turn will vary due to the condition of the pool surface. (Vinyl, plaster, concrete)

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