Pool Robot Basics

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Polaris pool robot

Is a new direct drive the best pool robot for you?

We are well on our way to choosing the best pool robot our you specific requirements.  Now that we have figured out how to suck up the dirt in the pool, we need to move the robot to get the pool cleaned.  Wheels, tracks and jet propulsion are used to accomplish this.  Some models use a drive motor, with drive belts, to move wheels or tracks, which move the robot around the pool.  Other models such as the Polaris by Zodiac have drive motors and gear trains to propel the machine




Best pool robot decision

Is a jet model the best pool robot for you?

Aqua Products units which include models such as the pool rover and Aquabot Turbo-T Jet and their private label units such as the Ecojet, use jet propulsion to move the machine.  The water that is sucked up and filtered and ejected out of the top of the machine is ported through nozzles in the front and back of the machine.  A baffle in the ducting directs the water to the front nozzle.  The pump is switched off at preset intervals which switched the baffle over, porting the water out of the opposite nozzle which makes the robot reverse direction.  A simple floating axle design makes the robot travel around the pool  “straight in one direction, arc in the other” pattern.  I will be putting a video together to more clearly show how this all works.  It is really a simple design that is really clever.  The advantage to this type of machine is that there is only one motor which is the pump.  You don’t have a drive motor which as expensive to replace when it fails.  The disadvantage is that it is a pretty dumb machine and the cleaning pattern is very simple.  It will get the job done but it might take a little longer than a machine with a drive motor.  If you have a round pool, this is the one for you.  The cleaning pattern is ideal for this type of pool.