Ponds, Water Features & Fountains Water Treatment

Decorative water features, such as fountains & ponds add beauty, ambiance & tranquility. If left untreated/untended however, unsightly green algae, bacteria & other micro-organisms will form.


water feature treatment

The TankPro water sterilizing unit is a simply & effective way of controlling and maintaining the water in water features, fountains & ponds. The TankPro unit provides 24 Hrs onsite chlorination to the water, eliminating all water borne bacterial growth, algae & other micro-organisms, leaving sterile, clean, water.

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides 24 Hrs on-site chlorination of the water in decorative water features, ponds & fountains.

  • Kills all harmful bacteria, viruses and other harmful water borne micro-organisms in the water, preventing algae & slime buildup.

  • Maintains water in a clean, clear sterile state.

  • Eliminates the need to manually purchase, handle & store dangerous chlorine chemicals.

  • Economical to run.

  • Kills & prevents mosquito larvae forming.

  • Removes & prevents tannin staining.

  • Can be used in conjunction with existing water filtration systems & pumps.

Rain Catch System

The TankPro TP250 Unit Sterilizes Pond & Fountain water, killing all harmful bacteria & viruses, eliminating odours & foul smell, killing mosquito larvae and removing tannin staining from the water.