How TankPro Works Stored Water Treatment


The TankPro water sterilizing unit safely electrolyzes the stored water. As this happens, 100% Available Chlorine is produced from the naturally occurring mineral deposits directly within the stored & collected water.

TankPro is a stand alone product that sterilizes the stored water without the addition of any dangerous chlorine chemicals or biocides to the stored water system.

The TankPro water sterilizing unit operates on minimal power consumption from the mains supply. Alternatively, the TankPro cell may be powered by utilizing a 40-60 watt, 12VDC solar panel or small wind generated turbine. In an emergency situation, the TankPro cell may even be operated off a 6VDC – 12VDC car or motor cycle battery, allowing instantaneous water sterilization of small bodies of water, directly within water storage containers.

All water collected and stored contains varying levels of naturally occurring minerals. The TankPro water sterilizing system recycles these naturally occurring minerals and converts them to 100% available chlorine. This process of recycling minerals and converting them to chlorine occurs onsite and directly within the collected water storage source.

During & after sterilization of the stored water by the TankPro unit, chlorine is depleted as it kills all harmful bacteria, viruses and human harmful micro-organisms. The chlorine once used up reverts back to its naturally occuring mineral state, ready to be recycled to again produce 100% available chlorine.

The process of sanitation & sterilization within the stored water is never ending while the TankPro unit continues to operate, maintaining the water in a sterile state, free from bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms.

The TankPro water sterilizing unit maintains control of the stored water. It is a simple, effective safe process that can be operated 24 hours per day if needed.