Grey Water Tank Treatment

Onsite Grey Water tanks provide an environmentally accommodating resource for the reuse of used water from showers, sinks, baths & washing machines.

Unfortunately the storing of this contaminated water within a grey water holding tank creates an environmental health issue, from the buildup of high levels of bacteria & viruses within the reclaimed grey water.

The TankPro unit, when installed directly within a grey water tank will sterilize the grey water, killing all bacteria, viruses & human harmful micro-organisms.

The TankPro unit will continue to maintain the Grey Water in a sterile condition by maintaining a biocide (free chlorine level) within the water, ready for any further influx of contaminated Grey Water.

Rain Catch System

The TankPro TP250 Unit Sterilizes stagnant stored Grey Water, killing all harmful bacteria & viruses, eliminating odorous & foul smell.