Get Your Hot Tub Ready for the Holiday Season

Soaking in a hot tub or jetted bath is one of the most enjoyable things you can experience during this holiday season.

But before you do that, make sure you give a thorough cleaning to your hot tub or jetted bath.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of residual deposits there are in your hot tub. The plumbing outside of the walls of your tub are a breeding ground for biofilm and bacteria. You see it as brown foam, black gunk and black flecks in your tub. Simply draining and cleaning the inside walls of your tub will not get rid of the nasty stuff.

Don’t worry, let Ahh-Some do the work for you.

Just a teaspoon of Ahh-Some breaks down the surface grit, oils and other hard to remove substances after the initial “purge”. It gets rid of the previous build-up on the shell and in the plumbing system that has accumulated over the years.

Even a brand new hot tub must be purged. You won’t believe all the gunk and manufacturing by-products that can be eradicated.

After one treatment, you can enjoy clear, fresh looking, soft and silky water.

Ready to clean your tub for the holiday season?

Get a bottle of Ahh-Some Hot Tub / Jetted Bath Cleaner and other great hot tub products at our Christmas discounted rates.

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