Cooling Tower Tank Water Treatment

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The TankPro water sterilizing unit provides maximum protection against Legionella & other harmful micro-organisms for the circulating or stagnant water in a cooling tower system. The TankPro unit converts naturally occurring chloride ions in the water into a power biocide that will maintain the water in a cooling tower system in a completely sterile state. The TankPro unit eliminates the expense and purchasing of chemicals such as oxidizing biocides as well as non oxidizing biocides. The cost of producing 100% available chlorine by the TankPro system is about 1/6th the cost of the cheapest disinfectant for use in cooling towers. The TankPro system does not require the use of special areas & equipment or the necessity to handle hazardous chemicals. No chemicals are required to be carried or dragged up & down stairs or ladders to the cooling tower and there is no transportation or freights costs of chemicals to site involved when using the TankPro water sterilizing system. Independent monitoring test results also prove that corrosion of copper & steel fittings is either nil or greatly reduced. No added chemicals are added to the water circuit, therefore the corrosion levels of the cooling tower water circuit remain unchanged. The TankPro water sterilizing unit for cooling towers operates 24 Hrs per day, providing around the clock protection for the cooling tower, whilst maintaining a biocide level at all times.

Proven Facts:

  • Provides continuous protection against Legionella & other harmful micro-organisms in the circulation water of a cooling tower.

  • Limits the corrosive nature of the circulation water.

  • Recycles naturally occurring minerals in the water circuit & converts them to a powerful anti-bacterial biocide.

  • Removes & Reduces Calcium Scale & Buildup from the circulating water.

  • Uses continuous super chlorination as the primary long term maintenance practice.

  • Maintains continuous protection in the water circuit even during close down periods.