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Whether you operate a water park, a hotel pool, a community pool, a one in a public school, or a private club, Watermaid has a commercial salt water pool chlorination system that will fit your operation. Watermaid produces a wide range of commercial pool chlorination systems suitable for the treatment of all commercial water volumes. Applications include chlorination of power station cooling ponds, resorts, lagoons, ponds, sewage systems and large swimming pools. The appropriate system size is dependent on many factors including pool size, bather load, water temperature, pool location, filtration time and other conditions.

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Commercial Pool Chlorination

Salt Water Pool systems for all commercial facilities

Buy Pool Cleaners HereThe Watermaid commercial chlorination system can be adjusted manually for chlorine production to accommodate for variations in bather load. This is done simply by selecting the “increase” or “decrease” buttons on the front of the Watermaid control box as desired. Alternatively the Watermaid cells can be connected to an ORP Controller. The ORP controller would then regulate production by turning on or off the Watermaid cells to adjust for chlorine production requirements.

The perfect commercial pool requires crystal clear water at all times. Traditional water sanitation by way of chlorine chemicals involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the Watermaid commercial salt chlorination systems, an extremely effective and convenient system based on electrolysis of common salt.

Watermaid chlorination systems generate a chlorine sanitizer, hypochlorite, from the sodium chloride (salt) dissolved in the water. The water is mildly salted by adding salt into the pool water to achieve a 0.6% concentration, around ½ as salty as a human tear drop. The water is then pumped via the pool’s filtration system, through the Watermaid electrolytic cell. The electrolytic cell converts sodium chloride into sodium and chlorine and water to hydrogen and oxygen creating sodium hypochlorite which sanitizes the pool.

The sodium chloride eventually reforms, and the salt to chlorine process continues over and over again. The salt is not consumed in the process; however a small amount of salt should be added to the pool periodically to replenish what is lost through backwashing and splash-out from bathers.

Commercial Pool Chlorinator Components

Watermaid commercial chlorinators primarily consist of a power supply, control panel and an electrolytic cell. Safety features include electronic water flow detection (NOT a mechanical flow switch/pressure switch), for gas detection, high currant protective shutdown.

Operating features include electronic system protection and variable cell output control. The system is simple to install and operate on both new and existing pools. Our product range includes water sanitization equipment for commercial pools, domestic pools, spas and industrial facilities. Whether you require a chlorinator for your family pool or for a prestigious hotel or resort, Watermaid can offer competitive factory direct pricing backed by generous warranties that you will find difficult to match.

If you want your commercial pool water to be automatically sanitized the pure and healthy way, choose Watermaid, the natural solution for public, resort, hotel and school pools. Smaller “domestic” models are available for courtyard, hotel villa or private house models , jetted tubs and spas.

Lease, Maintenance, Installation, and Training Programs

A lease program is available for Watermaid Systems. Full warranty coverage is standard for the duration of the lease. Minimum of a three-year lease contract is required. Please contact us for details

Maintenance programs are available for Watermaid Systems. We will ensure salt levels are correct, clean and service cells if required and check the general operating condition and integrity of the system. Please contact us for details

We will be on site to oversee installation, prepare for start up, and ensure all systems are fully functional.

Training will be supplied at no charge following installation. Ongoing support is available from Head Office and from the Commercial Sales office.


Our units are:

  • CSA certified
  • Health Canada certified with a COMMERCIAL PMRA registration number
  • PMRA is Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada


Chris Tritt
Director, Commercial Sales Canada
Tel: 1-877-987-6243



Order commercial pool chlorinator from our online store

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