White deposits in a cell are normal and are a by-product of the generation of chlorine by the cell.  The white deposits that build up in the cell are calcium.  The most common cause for the calcium is from the products that you put in the pool.  Granular shock is about 1/2 calcium.   Chlorine pucks that some people use to supplement chlorine production are about the same.  The biggest

There have been a number of people (me included) that have difficulty with the new solar connector on the Watermaid EZY clean cell. I am attaching a small video to show how the connector comes apart. I hope this helps.

Choosing the right Pool Cleaner Point me in the right direction This will be the last post in this series (I think).  I hope that these posts have helped you in choosing the right pool cleaner for your needs. Choosing the right automatic Pool Cleaner. Is a remote control model what you are looking for? Steering the robot is done a few different ways.  Some machines simply turn at pre

Pool Robot Basics Lets get moving We are well on our way to choosing the best pool robot our you specific requirements.  Now that we have figured out how to suck up the dirt in the pool, we need to move the robot to get the pool cleaned.  Wheels, tracks and jet propulsion are used to accomplish this.  Some models use a drive motor, with drive belts, to move wheels

Pool Vacuum Basics How do we get the Dirt To start out, we need to have a bit of knowledge of how these things work.  The obvious idea is to vacuum the dirt out of the pool and save the owner the task of doing it manually.  All pool vacuums use a pump to pull water into the bottom of the machine and at the same time vacuum up the dirt and

Hello everyone, my name is Keegan Manning; I am a 20 year old marketing student from Georgian College.  Currently I am on my Co-op term here at Watermaid of Canada Inc.  Watermaid has asked me to come on and help them with their marketing activities.  This is of a great help to me since I need some experience in real world applications of the marketing skills I have learned at

  There are often questions about the logic of the pool robots on the market.  There is a lot of mis-information about what is going on inside of these things and how they figure out where they should go to get a pool cleaned.  One of the best programs for doing this is the Aqua Smart system from Aquatron.  Below is the logic and sequencing of the Aquatron Remote control

As the popularity of Pool Robots increases, the true benefits of these machines becomes more and more clear.  Most are purchased to get the dirt out of the pool and for some it is simply an alternative to pushing a pole around the pool with a vac head plugged into the skimmer or suction fitting. There are a few tricks that will really make these things worth the extra money

The procedure below is from Aqua Products. It explains how to use an external timer with your pool robot. It is often convenient to have your pool robot come on after the pool pump has been switched off for an hour or two. This gives suspended debris time to settle to the bottom where it can be picked up.

  Watermaid Programming I am often asked how to tell if the salt level is correct in a pool with a Watermaid system. There are a couple of programming modes that the Watermaid system can be set to. One simply turns on the LED’s, on the front of the power supply, to match the production level set. The other mode will measure the current flow between the plates in the