Collected water Sanitation Tank Pro

collected water sanitation

Benefits to the Human Population.

  • Kills, eliminates & prevents all water borne diseases, viruses, bacteria and other human harmful micro-organisms, lowering the risk to human health.

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  • Drinking chlorinated water improves human health and life expectancy.

  • Kills mosquito larvae in the water and prevents breeding in the tank water reducing mosquito related diseases.

  • Provides a quick, simple, easy method of sterilizing water in disaster stricken areas. (Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis & Floods)

Benefits to Agriculture.

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    Safe Water For Everyone

    Provides clean, sterile water for animal livestock. Animals drinking clean, sterile water maintain better health reducing vet bills & visits.

  • Provides a more sterile environment for washing down animal areas.

  • Provides clean sterile water for the wash down & preparation of food & vegetables before supply to market.

Environmental Benefits.

  • TankPro provides Eco-Friendly reuse of collected water with no added harmful man made by products.

  • Recycles naturally occurring minerals from directly within the water source and converts them benefit-3to a decisive biocide for proven water sterilization.

  • TankPro uses minimal power consumption and may be operated from Eco-Friendly, efficient power sources such as solar & wind.