Animal Drinking Water Tank / Trough Treatment

The TankPro water sterilizing unit for animal drinking water tanks & troughs is an environmentally friendly product specifically designed to safely sterilize the water that animals consume.

animal-overview-front-cover-cleanedThe TankPro unit maintains the animals’ water trough / tank in a clean, sterile condition, free from harmful water borne diseases, micro-organisms and pathogens, harmful to animals, including the Hendra Virus.

The TankPro unit is a stand alone water sterilizing unit that can operate on solar powered electricity, safely sterilizing the drinking water for animals without the addition of any chemicals to the water.

As with humans, animals drinking clean, clear, sterile water benefits the animals health & well being, removes the risk of water borne related sickness & diseases, improves health, reducing vet bills and aiding in long term animal health.


  • Suited to all outdoor water tanks & troughs

  • Maintains clean, clear sterile water.

  • Kills all water borne diseases, micro-organisms & pathogens – including the Hendra Virus

  • Sterilizes the water, prevents & kills algae growth, eliminates odors & kills mosquito larvae

  • Safe, simple & easy to install

  • Simple & easy to maintain

  • Durable & Weatherproof

  • Trouble free operation – no moving parts

  • Requires NO added chemicals to operate

  • Portable from one tank / trough to another

  • Eco-Friendly – No environmetally damaging by products or waste

  • Long productive life

  • 2 Year Warranty

Rain Catch System

The TankPro KG250 Unit Sterilizes any collected water in animal drinking water tanks & troughs, killing all harmful bacteria & viruses, including the Hendra Virus